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How to remove mkopa phone tracker



Simu gani nikusaidie mkuu?


And yet you want Ruto to not borrow more? Lipa deni

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Siku hizi watu hutumia root.
So wewe ukinunua simu upate imeinstalliwa magisk jua tu ni ya mkopa.

But you can’t use banking apps.

Sad. Mtu amenunua simu 3k worth 30k alafu anauzia gullible Kenyan 15k . Ametengeza 3 times worth the profit banae na haiwezi access banking apps banae.

Ukora ni mbaya

Send it to my electronics repair shop ita cost 500/=

Look for emmc phone flashing software that can modify RPMB, Replay Protected Memory Block partition. It is normally 8Mb or 16Mb. Erase Only that partition.

Unlock Tool, CM2 Ver 2, Pandora Box, Sigma Box, NCK Dongle, Easy Jtag all have that function but are expensive to buy to just use on 1 phone. Peleka Kwa fundi.

Ndizi Eye anapenda such stories

Magisk rooting does not affect Banking Apps. It is not kernel based

Lipa simu ama mukae na tululu


Why are you doing this?..

WHy do you fellows do this, do you realise you are probably helping phone thieves? and surely for just 500bob?

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Inafaa ata ianguke kwa maji arudi dukani. If you have 6k you can buy a simple smartphone to get by from a shop. Hii kupenda vitu shiny ndio ugonjwa hadi political and ruling class suffer from.

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  1. It’s an exploitative system.
  2. I always require proof of ownership before bypassing any kind of security.
  3. I like money.
  4. It’s not illegal(I have done my research) - It’s the customer who breaches the contract

And then people complain ati kenya our politicians are corrupt, yet we all dont have integrity… and can never do the right thing unless someone is watching us.

It is not illegal to steal from Mkopa?.. bro wakeup bana… You are an accomplice thru and thru… kwanza the worst kind as you are the enabler…

Anyways I cannot condemn you if you dont have the ability to see the damage you are doing. One day you will see the bigger picture… You remind me of folks that steal scrap from a bridge, or stones from a road, medicine and equipment from a hospital, and then when they get an accident, the bridge is impasseable, the road is too bumpy for them and the hospital has no infrastructure or meds to help revive them…

Naona wewe ndio CEO pale safaricom :sweat_smile: .

No damaged of goods/property is done.
No theft of anything digital is done.
I do agree it’s highly unethical but it’s not illegal.

There is no law in Kenya against replacing proprietary firmware. I replaced my laptop bios last month, come arrest me.

Okay let me try again…it is coz of failure to see the damage of your activities that more and more unnecessary laws are being enacted and turning our country into a nanny state for no reason at all… or withdrawal of convenient services that are suppossed to help make tech accessible and reduce the class divide.

Kubadilisha firmware haina shida if you have the full rights to your device… those folks coming with MKOPA stuff and asking for it to be rooted are essentially stealing, and you are abetting it. Just coz a creative lawyer hasn’t caught up with you, does not make it not illegal.

You see this is what will happen, if fellaz like you proliferate, Mkopa management will have to seek remedies, those remedies will cost money and those costs will for sure be transferred back to the faithful paying customers. Such costs might involve hunting down folks like you and prosecuting you, or even having to pay for exploits and more powerful software to mitigate your tools.

Am sure if you were a registered member of a professional body with ethical guidelines perhaps you would feel very differently if your licences for practice were at risk of withdrawal…

just saying…

Sawa eistein