Tech Gurus, anyone tried the Water Browser?
Meru Governor Peter Munya addresses press after commissioning four garbage collectors, a vacuum exhauster and a water browser in Meru town. PHOTO: PATRICK MUTHURI /STANDARD
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I have. It renders video and text well na haikuli bundles zangu. :smiley:

Lakini kusema ukweli, what did you expect from Standard?

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Mbicha za safari ya karen hivi hivi?

Nitawawekea when whatever i was chasing goes thru.

Haha … Governor Munya accent must have got them all fucked up. Water bowser and Browser with a meru twist can sound pretty damn close if you not careful



Hehehehe…you got me!

That chiq in purple tho

Nowadays you get typos even on the front page of the Nation. Any talker knows anyone influential there who can hook me with a job I be doing the editing for them?

huyu ni mama wa watoto kama tatu alafu unamuita chiq…SMH

team mafisi apana tambua iyo chiq means dwy fwy

Huyo mama amevaa purple ananinice mbaya


Una edit mbicha hivo aje

Actually nimeedit kwa phone. Nimetumia app inaitwa aviary. Nikatumia effect inaitwa splash