Teargas Monday

Only seeing Kisumu residents “peacefully” demonstrating.

On another note, nimeona pale cord tv that the case against the IEBC commissioners has been dismissed.

Sasa Kinguru Aukot aingie debe na si tafadhali afanywe white wash mbaya sana…

interestingly, his kuingia kwa debe will actually cement the fact that elections zitafanyika. that is if Jakuon pulls out or threatens to.

Lake city is lit this morning…biashara zimefunga

let them burn their city…

i read here nikama kupiga bibi yako to annoy your neighbors…

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wacha worshipers waendelee worshipping

once again, this week the wakora4 are on the spot.

currently hearing Chebukati case on clarifications on being a presidential return officer. ironing out issues that might arise.

only elders threads should be pinned.

I pity our media houses. What happened to impartiality-nowadays biasedness is so blatant to the core.

Radio Maisha - iko Tibim
KTN - iko Tibim
NTV - 80% Tibim, 20% Uthamaki.
Shitizen - Tibim
KBC - Ekuru Aukot
Ebru TV - Chilabae and Vera Sidika

pokot business community. (PBC)[ATTACH=full]131048[/ATTACH]

hapa leo lasima tukule teargas na tufunge barabara. what is!

Just checked into CBD FFU are ready to roll but no demonstrators on site, wacha nimalize shughuli yangu nitoroke.

Unless ni ya @Meria Mata, mtajiongelesha

Kwani imekuwa mjengo tena?

Going for a board meeting?


I really sympathise with Luos…they are victims of such a strong ‘Stockholm syndrome’…They have have been captured & imprisoned by Odingaism which is leading them to destroy themselves/ their economies… the same Luo slaves have developed positive feelings towards their captor (Odinga) and sympathy for his causes and goals, and negative feelings toward the police & authorities!!..They need liberation more than Guantamo Bay prisoners

utakula jiwe maduong yaye