Teargas Friday VS Response to Matiangi's order

What is to happen today, especially in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu CBD?
A Mombasa MP dared Matiangi on his order, and swore to defy the govt order.
In Nairobi, first step is meant for demos to protest against protest ban.
In Kisumu we all know demos are unstoppable irregardless of whoever orders.

Kisumu Mcas are stopping the business of the day to lead people in demonstrations, Sema determination

Hapo about Kisumu ni ukweli. Matiang’i shouldnt even have bothered banning it there

Mimi ni Rwnbp but even if uhuru calls for demos country wide siwezi tokea.Cant risk my life.I have a family waiting for me to provide.
This politicians are all the same.They will yap when you are killed,when you are buried they forget you and your family too.

Paul Ndirangu and Ezra Njoroge arraigned in Kisumu law courts for the vandalism of Tumaini Supermarket.

Already the crowd of idlers that meets outside Kencom /Archives areas to read and discuss one single newspaper has been dispersed with gunshots sounding in town before 7 am.

I have always been curious what type of kamukunji this is

Mzito Matiangi aliambia mwepesi Weta Nonsense after kumuuliza kuhusu legalities za kuban demos, Weta alienda kulia kwa media meffi

Erections bado ni next week ama ??
Hata siku ya uchaguzi watakuwa wanademostrate??


Yes, when Baba returns the frequency is to be stepped up to 9 days per week

Are you are trying to be funny?

mombasa leaders wajue wakiendelea hii upuss tourism a source of livelihood for their people ndio itaumia

Wameanza upuss huko Chemelil blocking the road with huge rock boulders. Nakwambia ile -ve energy wako nayo! Then you ask yourself who benefits more from the other?? Folks of Nandi Hills on one side are independent and dont get zilch from muhoroni and beyond. Folks from chemelil meanwhile depend on milk, green maize and veges from Nandi hills. If wakale wangekua na hii ujinga wangefunga highway at Sotik and Kapsoit. That’ll be Kisumu shutdown. Vitu zingine watumie akili[ATTACH=full]132037[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]132038[/ATTACH]

Mombasa chaps are always peaceful was there and it’s just like campaigns going on not demonstrations

you are like a foolish shop keeper who thinks he’s more important than the customer…KWANI WANAPEWA BURE? now ask yourself who benefits more? A shop without customers or a shop full of customers

Hahaha… @this is hard

Your logic is terribly wanting. In all your years you have never come across/heard a scenario where you have money but can’t access essential supplies?
Think man, think.