Team Wanjiku is a scam, Twirra kumewaka moto

This Team Wanjiku is simply team dry cleaning or team Dhobi. It is a scheme to clean dirty money before CBK October deadline. Sonko, Paul Kobia, Simon Mbugua, Livondo, Waititu and akina Moses Kuria??? Be scared

There will be no deadline for the new money. Kenya is run by the cartels. The so called courts will stop it dead.

what are you talking about?

hata mimi nataka kujua

@Sakmadic umejibu nini si utusaidie kuelewa?

Team Wanjiku has several drug lords they can not be pro people

Si wanjiku Ni mama boga



All Team nonsense don’t give a shit about Kenyans. Wanajijali wenyewe.

s a Mungiki outfit meant to disrupt the government of Uhuru Kenyatta, its a pseudo militia gang operating under the disguise of commander Moses Kuria whose a tribal goon who only operates in hatred and chaos, thanks to handshake has rendered them irrelevant


Ati Kalembe ni Actor? When did thespianism stop being a talent?


moses kuria HATER. What does that even mean ?