Team uottp


Ujinga ni mtu kujiita UOTP na babuon mwenyewe ni RWNEBP.


Ama yeye ni mtu wa two handles…na hataki kusema. :smiley: issokay, he should have his official verified.


Rwnbp tano tena[ATTACH=full]135247[/ATTACH]

PAHALI counting zimetufika


They are imbibing cold pilsners by the crate!


Hii ndio ilifanya he had to walk out on an interview kama Moses Kuria ama

Complaining about a parody account and he’s the same idiot who walked out of a live TV show because of an offensive post by a parody account to Kimani Icung’wa.
Learned pompous idiot.

Exact thing i was about to say . He was given evidence and explanations but him and Mijungu acted like children on TV .

Bt I suspect this is a retaliation frm JP. Otiende Amolo is one civilized guy. I refuse to feed the troll