“Look me in the eye and see that me being desirous of people living in peace does not in any mean I am coward. We are not.” President Kenyatta said.

Take note. I repeat gloves are OFF. Riot for riot. Tear for tear. Carnage for carnage.

Campaigns will require a lot of money. Wherever the two teams are, they must be scratching their heads thinking where to get money from.

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Hakuna kuheshimu uamuzi Wa korti bandia tena

Correction: Its riot for Anti-riot, tear for teargas, carnage for security…
Thank me later…


So what, it isn’t like the living won’t be alive (unless killed) and the dead stay dead.

This will be like a by-election. A lot of hype but low turn out. The average turn out will be around 60%. Total vote cast will not exceed 10 million

Sawa kike

ndo maana jana Uhuru ameambia washika dau wakue wakitoa monthly contributions

MCA elect 5000/=
MCA walioshindwa 3000/=
Governors 50000/=

No it will be like this



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Raila TIBIM!!!


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