Team Tergat

Jamaa amechukua NOCK from Kipchoge, unopposed! Sasa tungoje AAK

very sober guy.

Yes, the other candidate was disqualified from running. Now let him clean out NOCK. Our hero’s shouldn’t be mistreated like that again. Rio was our best Olympics in terms of finances but the Athletes were badly treated by NOCK officials. I also didn’t know NOCK officials get ambassadorial status. Even worse is that they get hosted like kings at Olympic events away from their athletes who make due with the village.

A generational change was needed.

Problem with sports officials is a lot of greed. NOCK and athletes RIO rivalry started here before they left. President Uhuru promised each will get 500,000 before they fly out and more for medals. Officials thought it would be channeled to their different federations accounts but it wasn’t. OP had learnt from nyamwea debacle at FKF then. Ministry of sports had deposited 21 million to their account to charter a plane for Harambee stars to Cape Verde and pay players. FKF didn’t tell them they had an outstanding unpaid 10 million deficit in the account. It was deducted in full plus penalties and interest. The balance wasn’t enough to charter the plane and they only revealed this once the uproar on twitter took place. Treasury had to pay again directly to the airline to fly them out. Worse they didn’t even pay the players with the balance. Nyamwea was soon after charged for that incident and lost the FKF elections. From that incident athletes were asked to give their account details after the state luncheon at State House. Each got paid directly to their accounts. KRU took an exception to this and it was the final rift with their 7’s coach. NOCK downgraded their payouts to athletes to hit back for not getting anything. CS Wario remained clueless and ineffective in settling the matter despite knowing very well the situation in the camp. When it became apparent things were bad DP Uncle Ruto was sent to fix it. He found our hero’s training on their own with the coaches while the officials claimed to be busy in IOC matters. CS Wario didn’t make a big impression on them so he was there but just tolerated out of respect to the President.

Let’s give our younger ex athletes a chance. They are well versed to their needs.

I know one of the official, an arrogant SOB formerly the late Biwott kanda ya moko.

Tergat broom should sweep clean the political appointees.

Who will fix our football mess?

Wewe na headmaster mulikuwa mnakula pamoja dh?