Team Mafisi

Huyu mwenzenu Hapa, This is from a ladies only Facebook group.[ATTACH=full]5336[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5337[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5338[/ATTACH]

Sawa Thirdman


What the fuck just happened

Hatuvuti stool imevunjika

ati usimwange mtama


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@Elin for God’s sake you are a village elder. Post kitu inaenda na cheo chako.

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I think she just needs some good dick…i humbly volunteer my services

I did some detective work and know for sure one of the ladies is Wanjiku. And Wanjiku seems to have “kami” as her exposed last name. Could it be “Mukami?”
So someone going by the names Mukami Wanjiku is the team mafisi.
Find that Mukami Wanjiku and you get plenty of kinyau

I thought ulitoka Facebook 2008 ukawachia watoto?

Wewe nakucheki na macho ya Muite



Like they say Looking small small with virgina of eyes

Who said I’m back to FB? Pia wewe kusoma ni shida? Unaonyesha ujinga hadharani

@Deorro and @Owuadn what is wrong with being a member in facebook, its through it that I learnt of our humble abode which is Ktalk

It’s not a bad thing to have FB. I just don’t have a FB account. I don’t know where this foolish admin got their idea that I have one

Sasa hao ni team mafisi ama team wivu??

Piganeni ama peaneni kunyi…hatutaki kelele kwa jiji