Team Mafisi + Dryfry Chungeni

Occupational hazard


at least she told him ajipange

Huyo mugo wa wairimu tayari ana ukedi…kwani nani hajui

First sexual contact with an infected person doesnt mean one gets infected … especially for a man… but better b safe.

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He should take PEP (POST-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS)…‘enda upewe dawa ukunywe, don risk your life’ what a statement, afathali maraya mwenye anainist u put on a condom


at least she advised him akapewe hizo dawa za 36hrs

Mugo wa Wairiimu is just another social media whore. I bet he made up all that crap to get comments and likes.


he comes up with outrageous allegations on anything and everything but the sad fact is otherwise learned people hang onto his every word

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I second that

Hiyo dawa ni kali…utaskia ni kama uko na cancer ata kutembea hauwezi. People rarely finish the dose.

From experience?


lakini ma DAKITARI should tell us, Can this rampant abuse of PEP lead to resistance? so the genuine rape victims will be left on their own after the dryfriers have done their damage. Am open to correction

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I second. I tried it after a condom burst while in action but couldn’t finish the dose. Luckily, three months later, nilipima nikapata niko sawa.

nimewacha dryfry

I think just like any other medication it will become ineffective just as a number of antibiotics have.


On this, we’d rather err on the side of caution. Most victims of careless unprotected sex always say it was a condom burst, very few are honest enough to admit they simply had unprotected sex. Those who do always have a standard defence: I was drunk!:frowning: Since none of us are privy to what happened exactly, we give the drugs on the basis of your word after the relevant tests and counselling. If one chooses to misuse, too bad.


…and just how effective is condom burst(am a victim of the same though i had to replace and continue. lucky i survived_both std/aids and unwanted pregnancy)

Even when I am drunk that i can barely see lazma nikumbuke kutumia ile rubber.
I once had some stupid young girl frantically try to sit on me and ride like she is on a horse drae frae while we were drunk and barely knew each other. had given me agood sucking before that and i was like “slow down tuweke hema kwanza.”

Hema tena.