Team Kawasaki...

Angalieni huyu mwenzenu… The bandit is running amock stealing women bras and its obvious it is for making love to himself/Kawasaki… I am here wondering if in Kenya there are people with this kind of sexual fetish?


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What a waste…



huyo si fetishist, the numbers indicate a hustler. remember vitoria secrets is a high end store akizipigisha hata halfprice kwa pubs atapata unga…each bra there is $53.1 or shs 4.77K

Writing in all CAPS is plain rude… Why are you shouting all over? Young man why are you angry?

Huyo ni mauki wa huko trying to hustle

@Elin hii ni kawasaki fail

waste of effort…trying to teach this one netiquette is like throwing pearls before swine

I was also wondering… By why steal only bras?

Huyu “Muchina” was caught after stealing 2,000 pieces… Huyu ni wenda wazimu kama wa kuokota karatasi.

[ATTACH=full]4200[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4201[/ATTACH]

they are easy to conceal but their price is good. why not panties? who would buy thongs from a man?

as i say


7,500 USD = 695,000/=
Hio si ni kiwanja prime location Kinoo??

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Kinoo huwezi pata kiwanja na hiyo pesa.