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My husband’s secret
habit is affecting us
Dear Kitoto,
I have been married for the last
eight years. We are both born again
Christians. Since we got married,
my husband was working away from
home and would only visit every five
or six weeks. God helped us and for
the past two years, we have been
working in the same town.
The problem is my husband masturbates
too much. To make matters
worse, he does it just there next to
me. It is very frustrating and irritating.
I have talked to him countless
times but he just doesn’t stop. I advised
him to seek a counsellor, which
he refused.
Now I told him to be doing it in the
bathroom which he faithfully
wakes up to go to the bath
room to do it. This has really
affected our sex life but I think
he doesn’t realise how deeply it
has. What can I do?

If you don’t get help from Kitoto inbox @Mundu Mulosi Bs, Ms, Ma, PhD and ScD.


@junkie bibi anacomplain! Please stop.


Wapi @kush yule mnono bibi analeta sida

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Try squirting while he watches.That s the best remedy


:D:D:D fisi mode

We never miss an opportunity, will be around waiting for the hand to fall off.

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What is ScD?

yaani that dude reasons that his hand is sweeter than p.ussy, coomer iko hapo anachagua mkono, WTF!!


Scientia Doctoris (Doctor of Science)


Bibi amelalia maskia. When the husband starts the drill she should take the “matters” into her own hands and do the necessary.


The guy is a serial wanker

kweli umecondem kwa kikombo…:smiley: :smiley:

So he is saved, he figured the hand is a lesser sin than prostitutes while working away but it stuck

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:D:D Skuizi umechange

The lady should count herself lucky. Provs that the husband was faithful while he was away, except the little matter of PalmEra

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sasa jamaa amezoea palmela

he may wank to her moans

join him, help him wank and help yourself at the same time, kumfukuza kwenda bathroom allows him freedomfrom thinking about you…

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