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Although they are not so great, they will not kill you either, it will be all right but if they are important.

  1. No, you will not get “tighter”: sexual abstinence does not make you more strict, it’s a completely urban myth, the feeling of oppression in the vagina is not influenced by the number of sexual partners you’ve had , Just as taking a break will not make you a virgin again. The hymen does not grow back, no matter what you have heard over the years in school gossip, the only thing that can happen is that the tissues of your vagina will leave the habit of relaxation in response to the excitation or insertion, Generating you need to train again the next time you decide to have intimate relationships.

  2. Men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction: not having intimate relationships for men is a little distressing because it increases the odds of suffering from erectile dysfunction , in fact, several studies are focused on older men in which they have been maintained Sexually active and have had a positive effect on their erections.

  3. Your immune system becomes more vulnerable: sexual activity significantly influences the immune function of your body, usually in women benefits in fertility , the only bad thing is that by not staying active, you will not be able to get those benefits but more Well the reverse, such as: diseases and infections that your immune system will block otherwise.

  4. Your libido may fall: this fact is not entirely clear but several experts claim that regular sexual activity is a way to light up the libido , so that by having sexual abstinence, your libido will fall.

  5. More stressed: the better and more active your sexual activity, the less stress you will have, and the lower the quality and frequency, the greater the stress reactions.

  6. Your cardiovascular health could suffer: an active sex life is related to cardiovascular health, so, when entering drought, you eliminate the hormonal and aerobic impulse.

  7. Delayed wetting: having intimate relationships regularly is the best way to tune your sex organs, so the process of lubricating excitement (when the vagina becomes wet) is benefited but if regularity stops For some time, you may have to resort to help in the excitement department when you return to the act.

  8. Drastically reduces the risk of UTIs and STDs: STDs are no surprise to anyone but UTIs (urinary tract infections) are highly generated by the transfer of bacteria to the urinary tract at the time of sex, especially since the year. So, a sex-free life will keep you safe in this regard.

  9. You will not be as smart as you should: it is a very old tale and is that sexual abstinence apparently makes you smarter but it is the opposite, scientists have verified that sexual activity increases the growth of neurons in the hippocampus of the brain . Abstinence does not allow the brain to grow.

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It’s a fucking saturday evening, who want to read all this crap?


Motivation to hunt

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Didn’t read, had a wank instead.
Does that help?

Most of you are suffering from symptom 9. You will not be as smart as u would


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Go watch the series Masters of Sex

Ungetuwekea mp3 version yake

Go get laid

Any conclusion of all ths crap

5. More stressed: the better and more activeyour sexual activity, the less stress you will have, and the lower the quality and frequency, the greater the stress reactions.


Dry spell is unhealthy


Si ungesema tu hivo in ya first introductory sentence…

toa hii uweke on monday,saturday evenings are reserved for better things

How do you survive with a dry spell. The apple fell on Isaac Newton at the PNC stage, if the window had closed bwfore the event, Newron would have eaten the apple withput much ado.