Teaching ICT in a Ghana primary school

[ATTACH=full]160278[/ATTACH] Due to lack of facilities, an ICT teacher is forced to draw windows diagrams on the blackboard. These photos went viral and even Microsoft has said it will help with better teaching materials

very unfortunate,I always wonder why schools without fully equipped computer labs would offer computer studies.

Goes to show that there is talent in Africa.

Na kwani hiyo uniform ya yellow top na brown skirt, shorts ni mandatory for all Ghana schools?

:D:DThey’re everywhere even on TV

Seems its a school’s colour even our school buses are being painted yellow

Inaitwa Matian’gi Yellow.

Na practicals wanafanya kwa board??:D:D:D

A decent chunk of information technology can be taught without any hardware. Just not what this Ghanaian teacher is trying to teach though.

That teacher is very patient. May God bless the work of his hands.