Teacher given a Beating of his life

[SIZE=7]Three Students Injured, Teacher Beaten As Chaos Erupt At Live Set Book Performance In Narok[/SIZE]
By Citizen Reporter Published on: October 10, 2022 04:22 (EAT)

[li]The teacher of the host Poroko Secondary School reportedly spotted some boys from Kilgoris Boys School in a “compromising situation” with one of his female students.[/li][li]He dispersed them but the visiting students who roughed him up with blows and kicks, sparking chaos.[/li][/ul]

Three students sustained injuries while a teacher was beaten in a fight involving students from five secondary schools who had converged for a live set book performance in Kilgoris, Narok County.
The teacher of the host Poroko Secondary School, whom police have identified as Fred Machokaa, reportedly spotted some students from Kilgoris Boys School in a “compromising situation” with one of his female students.
He then dispersed them, which did not sit well with the visiting students who roughed him up with blows and kicks, prompting students from Poroko to come to the aid of their teacher.
“Students from the visiting school began throwing plastic chairs, pieces of rocks and a hail of other projectiles at their hosts, provoking chaos that left three students seriously injured and property of unknown value destroyed,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said on Monday.
In the melee that ensued in the 5pm incident, two students suffered head, neck and chest injuries and are admitted at a local hospital in fair condition while a third was treated and discharged in fair condition too.
“Police officers based at Kilgoris police station had a difficult time containing the riotous students who destroyed the school bus belonging to Poroko, window panes in one of the dormitories and plastic chairs,” detectives added.
No details were immediately given regarding the condition of the teacher and police said a probe into the matter is currently underway.

Kawaida ya walimu na ufala yao… you are paid to teach,maneno ya kufatana na wanafunzi wachana nayo… its their lives…let them fuckup… shauri yao…

@Condor leo atalala kama ametuck i n PPE kwaa viatu

Serves the nigga right

Wangevunja miguu

You say injury to rogue school administrators is injury to satan and is a continuation of God’s work?

walale ndani masomo itakuwa jelani juu ya kunguru


Mwalimu humbwa sana.

He would have ignored. Kwani funky huwa ya nini kama si kudara madem and if lucky upewe kitu?

Lakini kudos for those students who came to aid their teacher from the beating. If he was an unpopular teacher they would have joined in to pulverize him