Tea Break.....The Grandson TBT

I wrote this some Two years ago… just gave me A Mvule wood reading it…kindly reach for Arimis before reading

Sometime last week i was busy putting it in in a lady of my acquaintance since high school. it wassnt my first time to climb her but it had been long since she last removed her flimsy panties, lay on her back and exposed her juicy and delicate grail for my phallal consumption. But luck had conspired with a conference of primary school heads in mombasa to warant a friendly rematch.
on this particular evening, i had picked her up at a sea side resort in my aging red Pujo, fed her dinner at a place called Maasai in Nyari, lubricated her “saved to the core” throat with some heavely gin laced sprite , and later convinced her willing self to retire with me to my bed chambers for some long remembered catchups.
in keepung with traditions, i let her take a bath first and retire on the climbing throne while hovered around in my recently acquired black basketball shorts that replaced the now decommissioned blue baggy shorts. The dresser has an assortment of ouls and creams that mama leaves on display to mark her territories and closely monitors the content s whenever she vissits. i invited my lady to tge cocktail as i jumped under tge shower for a quick bath. but i digress too far.
Back on the bed, i was slowly putting it in her, deliberately slow as i watched her left tilted face go through the feelings emanating from her peeing regions. The legendary tree, all nine plus inches, would permeate her oil glistening, precum sparkling dark pink coomer lips, and plummet deep into the recess of her twelve year windowed pu**y eliciting some animal throatal gasps. i watched her half crossed eyes closely as i pulled back the now never ending shaft from her gyrating pelvis, and her lips parted briefly to spit out a feline yelp of pleasure. This time, intent to see her gnash her brown stained Othaya teeth, i let her have head. put it in as far as the Tie, then pulled all way out. then again. and again. she thrashed her feet and angled her hippy butty at an obtuse angle to counter the incoming torpedo for maximum depth, but i pulled back just in time. and again.
she hunched up on her elbows and lifted her firm breasted torso with her now bulging eyes firmly fixed on the tormenting phullus. she bit her lower lip and pulled back her ass with every exhale of the tree to counter my downward stroke with a maximum upward muinirio. But i held my junk and gave her to the Tie max.
at the thirteenth drop of my water boarding Fisi Inc sanctioned torture javelin, she let go of her elbows, dropped back on the pillows and her hands shot out to the small of my back, and despite my resistance, by some demon prompted adrenaline warranted, pre-orgasimic strength , she propelled my tree to the hilt, knocking my right ball out of orbit it its scrotal sack back into the stomach socket…
she shut her eyes tightly, thrashed aflesh, gasped anew and with a final “oh my 'Bends”, she lifted her pelvis way high that the other ball lost gravitational pull and ascended to its twin, pulled me ever so close, and with nostrils hissing, she came. came so much, that the cum boiled over and spilled over the. …

A- 1994 gives you a like. Gh ood flow

If you got to go two years back to get your boners,I say boss iko shida. What happened to you?

ulimuendea hapo Sheikh Zayed?

Story za kutomba maraya wa finje makes no more fun in this age!

Point home

As usual very fany…you decommissioned