tcl smart digital TV software issues

Good evening people, has anyone been able to resolve the issue of TCL smart digital software? My TV is not responding well up powering it on, restarting every minute upon “starting smart system” loading…

Do you have a warranty?

Warrant was 1 year, it has already expired

You can still enquire from your seller. He could be having a simple solution that doesn’t require taking back the TV

I bought it online using jumia… But I think there is a way of accessing the primary seller

How would you have contacted the supplier if the damage was within the warranty period?

Is your electricity supply stable? I had same problem with my comp and TV, until I stopped using power sockets in the living room, and used extension cable from kitchen sockets. Suddenly everything was alright.

Through Jumia

Peleka kwa fundi ubadilishiwe motherboard. Itafanya hivyo hadi itakuwa haiwaki tena.