We used to make this way back in primo,
ile vita nilipata siku moja after kubomoa sweater ya shule nitengeze hii kitu sijawai sahau


haya mambo yalikuja nyuma yangu but nakumbuka my younger bro na mastress juu ya hizi vitu…

Pole sana Monk, you were just born in the long decade.
btw, unataka sema you have never been up a tree?

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what the hell did you do as a kid?

I recall this thing, Sometimes i really wonder if my kids enjoy life the way we did back then. there were lots of games to play outside as compared to now kids are glued to the screen all time.

Probably played with those dolls made with grass and sticks for arms.

Sidhani kama ata izo alipata. huyu anakaa mtu wa juzi sana.


Sijui kwanini nacheka

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Zima hiyo screen and force them out to go play with their friends and colleagues kwa estate. That’s what a colleague did/does.

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will try to engage them in some outdoor games apart from cycling

Once i visited shags and i tried to mix some mud with water to do some modelling but i dint know whether it was the soil type or what coz it could not bond. I showed them how to mash flowers with water to produce colour and i was jubilant that day.

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mimi nishawai pigwa slippers na mathee after nilitonanisha hanger nitengeneze gari ya wire sita wai sahau…funny thing zilikua na seasons. mofara. gurutoki.bano. feya.chiviu na bows n arrows esp after kuona robinhood


this thing was sissy.
i passed.
i enjoyed being a kihii.
we did things i fear to describe.
i only learnt they were illegal after i have enjoyed them.

@Carbon nimevuta kiti na kufunga leso, leta uondo brother i might as well open up.

why do you have that huge title now that you didn’t climb trees?? walks away shaking head

the most innocent was teaching the girls how to swim when they came to kuchota maji.
since you didnt want the parents involved you had to strip them nude and throw them into the deep side of the river.
they will get spanked for being late but dare not snitch on us because they have no idea what we might do next.
you never threw those who enjoyed it that was a waste of time and energy.
we used to tame cows like the mexican did and have races.
my ride was called monica,the day she was sold i cried myself to sleep.
we would then steal mahuti for them so our parents were none the wiser.

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Hehe mesema ulilia mpaka ukalala kama @Davidee

I only wish I was in the mood to narrate my ‘ihii’ escapades. How we survived and made it to adulthood was all by the Grace of God. Some of the things we did would leave today’s boys(sissies) dead and in the mortuary.


siuangushe number hapa nikutumie kampesa hivi ili upate mood, we need to hear your escapades as kihii. na uanze na ile siku ulihangiwa kwa “itara”

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