back then when i was an innocent kid

then mombasa
construction of railway
although we take coasterians like washamba, these guys saw the light years before we abandoned wearing skins
i envy the strides we’ve encountered in journey towards so called civilisation. now you met @Female Perspective and akina @Purr_27 speaking with American accent but wont look way back. anyway back to TBT; am sure @Ka-Buda know these ladies.
marikiti market.mombasa;
These guys started from being rail constructors, now today every Kenyan claims they use jinni, nepotism more than any african…blah blah. hard work man, hard work.

Nkimalizia, why do black and white pics bring harmony and a feel of satisfaction towards things that occurred?


eish, that kid is naked to the core, ukiacha mtoto ivo leo anapata homa life-threatening.

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Tulisoma primo bila viatu.
Awesome TBT
wonder whats in that kibuyu

Maji ya kusafisha darasa…ama mlikuwa mnaoshewa?

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Love this kind of thing! Please weka zingine…

kwani first pic ni karindundu pry school?

hako katoi in the middle with a kibuyu…hope he turned out alright. Yeye tu ndio ako na viatu. And he seems handsome…bet his friend on the right noticed the same

Hehe…enyewe watu tuko tofauti. I’d have hoped the underprivileged ones turned out alright sigh

This were the days
dancing in the rain without a care in the world


Nice photos mzae.

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halafu baadaye kichapo ya nguruwe msikitini