The Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) Construction of the building commenced in 1967 and continued until completion in 1973. It was constructed by Israel’s largest construction conglomerate, Solel Boneh International.

picture1. the core which housed the lifts.Its made of reinforced concrete class 30 or above.The lower floors seem to be coming up well above the mezzanine.the hoarding and site board to the bottom of the picture.

picture 2.the almost completed building with hoarding and side board in place.Toyota 1000 parked by the roadside.if it were today they would have put a netting around the building

Question 1. (20 Marks)
If Solel Boneh took 6 years to complete this iconic building, how many years would it take China Wu Yi?


…impressive…quality of construction in kenya back then was far much higher than currently.

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same company built The Pentagon and the Nairobi Hilton.

Naona mtu wa cheki maneno hapo.

It’s impressive that mere years after their formation as a country, they(Jews) were already doing such large construction projects in other countries.

Ile Pentagon moja?

Huyu labda ni Guks was akina @The.Black.Templar :smiley:

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that solel boneh had been doing such projects since the 1920s

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They had roots in other countries even before Israel became a state and they were major players in the global economy.

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There was a story back them that the cops used to arrest youths at random and force them to go and work at the site for a full day. How true was that?

That is what we should do with prisoners, they should be giving back to society for their bad manners.

na maidlers wa mtaa wenye wanangoja kazi za maofisi

Wajaribu entrepreneurship pia.

Same Israel company did Thika road in early 80s

that was Put Sarajevo

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People were not arrested to go and work on the construction of kicc. They were mostly arrested for petty of fences and taken to the courts and fined. This fines were used to finance the construction. Kwanza walevi, they should claim shares in that building.

rich history

Quite impressive work