@Meria Mata uheshimu kijiji or we send a pink jogoo to @jumabekavu to finish you.
Ufisi didn’t just start. This TBT photo says it all.

Staged. Possibly shopped.

NBA wazito… [ATTACH=full]92510[/ATTACH]

osungu also died in that caption

Sorry to break it to you my dear, but like @Mjuaji said it is a staged photo


But i have no doubt you cause accidents around Holy Family

this was the first official photo ya kusafisha macho

@Meria Mata umekuwa na mchezo sana siku hizi.

Jumaaa Unasumbua

The Doggone girl is mine by MJ
(How did you sing this chorus?)


Curry alianza mapema



The friendship in pic 1 was destroyed by a very prominent Kenyan.

Excuse me, miss @Guru , do you give head to strangers?


[ATTACH=full]92524[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]92525[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]92526[/ATTACH]

Niccurs please, for those who don’t know landmawe, it was an estate for railway workers. Life sooo cheap…[SIZE=1]hii ni ya 1939 budget for bachelors[ATTACH=full]92528[/ATTACH] [/SIZE]

Shikeni hii.

this shit was the worst!! I have never been more grateful for anything in my life than when the optical mouse came out!

I still have this kind of mouse.

then that must be you in your profile pic.

Apana, hio ni ya internet. Mine is black.

Wueeh. Try draughting with this mouse and AutoCAD R14. Life was hard.