#TBT: Yolanda Masinde's Interview at the Miss World 2000 semi finals

She had the Miss world title right there in her hand as she was the fairest of them all! Plus the numerous modelling opportunities that would come with the title… and then during the interviews…she blew it. Ati her role model was one Maria Carey? Oh God! Note that by then, Mariah Carey was a great singer but her reputation wasn’t that great. In such charitable events, you don’t mention such people.
She should have mentioned Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa or even Princess Diana who were the world’s favuorite at the time.
That was the last we heard of her as she never made it to the next round. I hear these days she’s teaching some kindergarten somewhere.
She was and still is the only Miss world Kenyan finalist who has gone this far.

That was an opportunity of a life time…and she blew it.

See the last part of this video; from around minute 9.00:


Ha Ha Ha