TBT Withdrawal edition

Withdrawal symptoms zimeniweza leo lakini TBT ni lazima, Today we kick off with a never aging legend, ata kaa ako na miaka 58 najua hapa kuna watu wanawes kamua hkm. am talking about Madonna.
Growing up in the 80s when we had only VOK general service for english songs lazima ungeskia Madonna mara kaa tatu in an hr. Ni ngoma gani ya Madonna hukubamba?


this one dedicated to @Female Perspective


this one goes to @pseudonym


na hii ya @GeorginaMakena


Like a virgin for @Female Perspective…

yani na kiswahili… kumwaga inje edishen

msee ume chelewa leo…is vipi


was trying to “rich” threshold

The hit song Like a virgin. ilifaya my bros go wild


:D:D how did that fare on? some time you are inevitably forced to take matters in your own hands…time is a diminishing entity yah know

GOOD OLD Brand Re “Invented”?
Elliot’s is known as Kenya’s original bread because it was the first bread to be manufactured in Kenya, in 1903, making the brand 110 years old.

Elliot’s brown bread is perceived as healthy and nutritious as it does not contain refined sugar.

Elliot’s employs a work force of up to 500 people, directly employed by Uzuri Foods Ltd (the makers and Distributors of Elliot’s Bread).

The brand packaging has evolved from unwrapped unsliced loaves that were paper wrapped to waxed opaque paper, to today’s transparent recyclable plastic paper.

Recently the company has launched a premium bread brand. under the name Golden Crust. ranging from 400g to 600g.

Elliot’s bread was supplied to the army camps during the world wars and to the workers during the construction of the Kenya Uganda Railway.


saitaan pepo nyeuthi, hehehehe, shindwe X50

tumetoka mbali

Alafu kuna wale walikuwa wana mguu ngumu kuliko boots. Akiweka “clutch” kwa ball, either ball ipasuke ama mguu yako ivunjike
cc: @uwesmake @Mundu Mulosi @mabenda4

fuck this shit hii kitu ilikua inanyonya battery na haishiki fm

Statue of Queen Victoria located at Jeevanjee Gardens ( Victoria Park ) Nairobi - 1956 -
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Memories are made of this
which song were you singing while doing this?

This was the real deal…especially when accompanied by a cup of KCC milk!

Picha hadithi series,
cc @Luther12

Ngunyìrì maaara ì!

This was the thing…