TBT. The Lizard

Looking at this lizard has reminded me how one of my friends nearly swallowed one years back. This day we woke up with severe hangovers and as usual we needed water. Unfortunately, the water had ‘gone’ and I had not stored any. As I was combing old containers to find some, I found one mtungi that was quarter empty. I ìnìkìrìriad some into small jug and gave it a might gulp. But something was odd. This water was testing quite bad. But I had no option, I took another helping and went back to sleep. Mabeshete kuamka pia wakanyunywa ile maji but also complained that it tested shit. They decided to empty it to see what might be inside. Faaak, a small lizard had died inside. It had even turned white na haikuwa na mguu moja. One of the guys claimed that he had accidentally swallowed something ‘solid’:D:D:D:D:D.

:D:Dhamkuumwa na tumbo?

:D:D:D:D si unajua chang’aa ni natural antidote


lakini ni tasting

Woke up sio work up
Something was odd, sio old

Sasa malizia story, what happened to the guy who swallowed a lizard’s left thigh?

Hapo sawa. He got a new name. Anwaitwa Lizard this days


THESE days

Hiyo ni spoiler. Sasa leta hekaya mzima. In paragraphs. Not less than 2500 words

Kaka unasumbua