TBT Tech Edition

Our journey down memory lane today kicks off with Admiral Tibett, Leave people business alone.
hii dub sini kali sana. @wild frank hapo kwa chorus hua anasema nini.


Big Youth na Ku Klax Klan KKK


Israel vibration Rude boy Shuffling


Culture with International herb


Ijah man Levi with Jesus Selassie i keepeth my soul


Yaani reggae ni tech siku hizi?

A comp has become a basic neccesity just like shelter, so has the internet imekua nikaa food but kwa hizi meffifesto mbili sijaona mahali wanaongea about suppying affordable net. Bila net siku hizi kazi haifanyiki.
swali langu ni je? when did you start use a computer? ulijifundisha au ulifundishwa?
ulianza kutumia net lini and which sites were you visiting? who remembers waptrick and phonerotica on 2g networks whereby findeos were taking half a day to load.
share your experience.

nyangau tulia, TBT huanza na muziki kwanza before agenda of the day

still on tech TBT, in late 2007, Kibaki virus hit the net, It was the first documented homegrown attempt at a virus. it was later followed by the Raila Virus, this was my first encounter with viruses.
ni virus gani kati ya hizi ilikusumbua sana? kaspersky was doing the trick and if your comp had audio ungeskia mavirus zikimadwa na kitu kaa paka hivi.

a thousand likes, hehehehe

:D:D:D a man of the people…many likes

Mende nyinyi.

I still got those phonerotica 2min videos. Tumetoka bali

ebu tuambie about your first time using the internet

My first internet phone.

My first intro to computers was on little known Windows Millennium Edition

Meria, there is this song I loved to listen when I was an adolescent, several decades ago, because it was my background music when I had my first kiss. I think it was sung by Levi Roots although a google search shows Levi Roots is a chef so I could be wrong. It goes like this:

'Don’t you give up on yourself
Love will see us through
Tomorrow is another day
We’ll (&()&()()^^% and pray…

The rest of the song is a killer man. It so sweet and nostalgic that when I hum to it I get a hard on. One of the best songs I ever listened to.

i remember waptrick :D:D:D:D:D

the first comp hard disc
IBM UNLEASHED THE world’s first computer hard disk drive in 1956. It was bigger than a refrigerator. It weighed more than a ton. And it looked kinda like one of those massive cylindrical air conditioning units that used to sit outside your grade school cafeteria.

hehehe, this was way before playstore, we used to download music and games hapo

Naijua, wacha nikusakanyie

Look for reggae stalag riddim …“”.ring the alarm…“”"

yep, used to download reggae ringtones

If possible get a .mp3 copy as well.

:D:D:D:D:Di did not attend grade school and neither did any of our schools have a cafeteria ES…