#TBT Slapping women is totally fine & justified under certain circumstances


Unless your body contains the female reproductive system, you MUST NEVER stoop as low as engaging in verbal, let alone physical altercations with women.

If the men in the west dont wake up and check their women, someone from elsewhere will.

Sure, but slap them with something else, not your hand.

Does a trans women slapping a woman count as GBV?

Weeh. That slap was fire.

…dem wa mdomo huwa anahitaji kama hio moja. She will respect you forever.

@Purple , @Kahuni Maisha come see some Biden voters in their typical environment. The African Americans. Black Lives Matter.

@Abba hujifanya Biden supporter hapa sijui BLM but I would dare him and @Bottoms to live amongst this crowd for a full year in a black ghetto.

Last year @Bottoms confirmed he lives with his parents in the South amongst rednecks who hunt and fish. Why?

Mbuyu wake hapendi drama.

Provide link please… I just said I was going through somethings and my popa and momma came to be with me at my condo… that’s all… what’s wrong with that?