TBT Revisit Edition

Mandazi inasema revisit imeanza, pia mimi na revisit





welcome to TBT revisit edition

Being a Thursday and 8:00. i guess it’s reggae time.



Lets revisit our handles, how did you come up with your handle? @Female Perspective lets here from you

H.E. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta officially opens the Central Bank of Kenya Head Office in Nairobi_1972. CBK Governor Duncan Ndegwa look on.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta being presented with a set of new currency notes by CBK Governor Dr Leon Baranski on September 15, 1966.
(huyu Dr. Leon nimemskia leo)

Kilindini Road_ Mombasa_ 1966
cc: @kingolonde
@introvert name the make and models of the vehicles in the pic
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In Kamba they are called Matoo
@culture @vuja de hizi ni nini?

Mombasa Coast - 1911 -

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Nairobi Post Office and Telephone Exchange - 6th Avenue - 1920s
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Wakanyaks amenitumia hii mbisha, seems jana aliangukia kipenzi chake Neff

Mkono juu kaa umesoma hii mbook

Leta vitu mbio mbio

Kumbe ata Ka Melon ako na kitabu, kaa umeisoma tupatie summury

This was a gd read but thinking of whats happening to his empire makes me sad

weka tbt bana usituletee mambo ya fasihi hapa


Ata baba ako nayo.

This brand of tropical mint sweets has withstood the test of time. Grandma used them as incentives back in the mid-70s to get us do our chores around the home.

Bob Marley refused to be paid and performed for free at the Inauguration Ceremony in Zimbabwe in 1980, performing Zimbabwe, a song for anti-apartheid fighters. He paid his band’s flight tickets. The stadium he performed at, Rufaro Stadium is building a statue for him.


Mombasa near the Old Harbour - Old Nyali Bridge in the background - 1951 -