TbT Quiz

Name this man, photographed in downtown Nairobi in 1964. Then a rebel leader of an African country, he was in Kenya for peace talks.

The late Laurent Kabila

pepe kale


Wash ! ! ! Kwani when did this man start fighting ? The incumbent is not his son though. No son ya bestie yake

During British colonial rule, Africans were required to carry around a passbook, also popularly referred to as ‘kipande’.

I wonder why they named it ‘kipande’ .

I disagree, the resemblance tells it all…Nakumbuka alimalizwa na bodyguard wake

Babe siucum over this weekend nikuelezee maana ya ‘kipande’ will even show you one

That Guy is a Rwandese, ni project ya Kangame na M7.

:D:D:D:D:D eh no…ngoja Lent iishe.

Actually this was the original kipande holder.introduced in 1915 but implemented in 1919 it coincided with the return of white soldiers
who had participated in the WW1 .
The returning soldiers were feted by the East African Protectorate’s government and given huge chunks of land as a reward. To help them engage in viable farming, the government formulated policies that made it easier for them to access cheap labour.
One of these policies was the kipande system, which required Africans to wear the kipande around their necks like a dog collar.The details carried by the illiterate peasants:D:D around their necks also made it impossible to negotiate for better pay because a prospective employer could read how much a worker was worth. Failure to produce it when prompted meant punishment and/or incerceration.Bet thats why the kurutus of today still ask for “gichana wapi gipande?”