TBT: Ogopa Deejays vs Calif Records

Which one of the two production houses do you think had better music production back then??

Ogopa djs

Kwanza ulijua kutofautisha Xiaomi redmi 7, Redmi Note 7 na Redmi Note 7 pro???

Ogopa had the money to produce quality videos and audio, Califf had the talent to produce dope content even with poor packaging. Genge massive!

Ogopa, where are they?

i think both had a share of good and useless artists…In ogopa longombas na akina big pin walikuwa mandazi,while deux voultures,krupt,nameless/wahu,klepto esir,historians,amani were worth listening to…calif records good ones were nonini,juakali,meja[SIZE=3](though same cant be said about him currently),[/SIZE][SIZE=4]jimwat…while pilpili and ratatat were among the mbogas there[/SIZE]



I think Mejja back then alikuwa kijanaa and that’s why he had so much talent. Na kwanza nikichekingi ile ngoma yake ‘kweli jana kuliendaje’ nigga was skinny as fuck. Nowadays he is as fat as a pig. Saa hii ni mzae manze. Some stuff mtu uacha.

those were good tunes…ata ile ya landlord na ya bro…sikuizi anaimba :“geuka nikubeng” na “vajo nyadua”

Talk of times changing

Ogopa recorded for kids from the affluent side of town while Clemo took up the hustlers side. Both were good in their own special ways. Kenyan music flourished. Kids were able to put food on the table and floss around. Kenyan radio grew with leaps and bounds. We all enjoyed. I relish those times because I was in my early twenties. Na hii talent ilienda wapi haki???

Ogopa had a strong debut with the likes of E-sir & Nameless.
Calif though felt more in touch with the hood vibes. Their videos were whack but funny. I think around 2005 ilikuwa peak ya both of them then Ogopa faded and Clemmo akapata pesa pia akafunga duka.

Good ol days.

Longombas were riding on their big international name but they were not appealing. Their grandfather started TPOK Jazz with Franco, their father was in Super Mazembe and their uncle Awilo is a renowned soukous artist. I hear the tall one almost succumbed to disease but got born again after recovering.

I wonder where ISSA would be today if he never died. That kid was fire!

Bigpin alishinda KORA hakuna umandazi hapo.

Ogopa was better mpaka KSOUTH felt the heat na kuwadiss.

Kora was just a commercial avenue to make yourself famous if you had the cash. Remember Big-Pin was the son of Elijah Mwangale a former minister in Moi’s govt.

maybe juu ya collabos

Some Ogopa song beats were too similar and did I say whack? But overall they were better than Calif.