tbt navy seal pale likoni

Dry fry artist [ATTACH=full]344335[/ATTACH]





[SIZE=5]When I think of @Swansea this is the exact image that comes to mind.

Plus of course the toothless lower slot for spitting out tilapia rib cage bones. My two cents.



Teacher, maybe @Sambamba has something to add.

Yes. Iko sida?

Now go obsess with your fellow wasenge. Mtu bure kabisa!

Njaruo wacha emotions. I know right now you are looking for a stone with sharp edges.



You think being a kikuyu is such a big deal homosexual? That’s why you like addressing people by tribe? You are an old senile childish homosexual fool approaching sixty but behaves like a 10yr old. Katombwe utulie shoga mkosa akili. Trump will nefa efa


Hio ni prepuce?[ATTACH=full]344404[/ATTACH]