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If you read these books, your childhood was awesome.
how many books in the series can you remember @Luther12

aah these books defined my boarding primary school life, could relate with them kabisa kwanza our school was in western province

Skimmed through all library shelves for the different titles

Moses and the Ghost.

Moses and Mildred. It taught me how to keep a pet.

goat matata

Moses and the school farm

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nice books. remember that boy Itchy fingers?? :D:D:D


Had a klepo guy we nicknamed the same.

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@Njamba Huthu and the flying bus

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The goo old days. Remember the drink they brewed in the dorm?

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Twas Njamba nene

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They used ripe bananas,right?

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Was once sent to buy one of these book juu ya kuongea kijaka shuleni. Came back with the hare and the hyena ama ilikuwa gani? The teacher aliniangalia akacheka na kuniacha

Yea, but they are twins.

hii umeweka hapa ni fake. huyo author alikuwa anaitwa kimenyi, siyo kaimenyi


Yes, it was KIMENYI. Boss, umeleta book pirated? LOL!

Mr Karanja ndio alikuwa Principal wa hiyo shule, sio?

Rukia the dorm prefect.

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Na dame ya Musa, MILDRED.

Karanja was Depa old Mukibi himself was the princi