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Do you know what the word UNGA means?

It stands for The Uasin N’gishu Growers Association, a syndicate of White Farmers set up before WW1, to grow maize beyond Eldoret, for Bill Spencer, a South African Miller, who had built a flour mill run by a water turbine set up on the rapid flowing Sosiani River.
The local watu were amazed at this invention, but could not pronounce the word ‘Turbine’, and called it ‘Turbo’, by which name the area is still called today.
Bill Spencer milled the maize and sold it in 2kg bags with the label U.N.G.A. on the packet, which eventually became the generic Swahili word for maize flour.

now you know!

Hii hodari iliwachwa kuuzwa kwanini?

The Evolution of the Elephant

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innugration of the Lunatic express

Opening of the new Railway Headquarters building 12th July, 1929

Nairobi_1899-Mile 326

The picture below shows the entire railway estate with the railway houses and offices on the left, the station in the centre background and the railway workshops on the right.

By 1899 the railhead had reached Nairobi which at the time was nothing more than a seasonal swamp . A railway depot was built in the same year and from these humble beginnings a city was born


Uko na mchezo sana. Ni saa ngapi sahii unaleta TBT.

Off loading of locomotive boilers at Kilindini harbour. Mombasa_1896.

Tuliza kende mkubwa, nilikua kwa jam samburu.

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Niko na makende sio kende. Mbona matusi wewe Mzee kijana

safisheni macho na the lunatic express.
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The 20th century cinema in Queensway Road, 1960’s

Grogan Road-Nairobi_1960s


Hilton Hotel under construction_1968


nimekunywa the last two

Country Bus Station_Nairobi_1970s
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