TBT Let it rain edition

Nani hapendi mvua, hope we get enough this season





join me on a journey down memory lane

Drones of our times
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The return of 7th Battalion, The King’s African Rifles, to Nairobi from Burma, 1946.
From late 1944 the British 14th Army commanded by General Slim executed a series of offensives against the Japanese in Burma. In the central region of the country 7th Battalion, Kings African Rifles, part of 28th East African Brigade, helped to screen the flank of British IV corps as it advanced down Gangow valley in its attack on the strategic town of Meikila. This vital flank defence exposed the brigade to some of the toughest fighting and heaviest casualties of the campaign.
GranPa Meria was in this battalion, aliniambia on the way to Burma kazi ilikua ni kucheza draughts tu, he talked about a man who was the champ, nobody could beat him. He finished the tour of Burma unbeaten

John Ngugi… His career ended when he refused an impromptu drug test at his home by IAAF officials.
He said they looked too pedestrian. After that incident, a while after he’d quit, other top athletes complained about the adhoc manner in which the tests were conducted and officials now have to make a formal request regardless of how and where they find you.

Hii kitabu tulikua twasomea kwa choo, it was a seditious publication na ukishikwa nayo ilikua ni detention bila trial saa hio hio.

Terrible wings. Haziwezi fly…

hehehe, saitan!
we had fun though

Kenya’s golden generation in music. This maestros were all legends. Name them and their music.
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I discovered this character (pictured below) amongst many other fictional creations when ,in the seventies, the Kenya National Library Service run a robust and organised Service around the country. Does the KNLS still exist I wonder?

Who remembers this character? What were his famous words?


Captain Haddock: “Blistering Barnacles” !

Is that Captain Hardhoc,(wa Tintin) I want my Rum, speaks Gibberish, drops MC, dives in the crates thinking its the sea

thundering Ty… sikumbuki

In 1976 Ugandan President Iddi Amin Dada declared Western Kenya a part of Ugandan territory. This announcement was greeted with alot of alarm by Kenyans who organized protests and burnt Iddi Amins effigy. The government of Jomo Kenyatta sent troops to the Busia and Malaba border points. Conspiracy theorist spin the story and say that Jomo was getting a lot of bad press after the asasination of JM Kariuki so he called on his friend Amin to issue the declaration so that the attention of Kenyans could be taken from the asasination. If it is true, it worked!

The President and the first lady wedding.

Tesla and the future technology.

nani aliwai onja hii Mbaki after kutumwa dukani. Wueh

General China arrives at Nyeri Court for his trial. _1954

and thats how i almost sneezed my lungs out :D:D:D:D

Sold all his rights to what is now GE, the biggest energy company in the world. The catch? They must use a/c and not d/c currency.

These guys of kitambo had vision. Necessity kweli ni mama ya inventions.

leta hekaya in full na sio tafadhari, hehehehe