TBT Idd Edition

Leo tunafungua na Emali Town Choir. Sijui kama bado wako, @Ice_Cube hebu tujuze, these guys were hot.


Sultan Hamud 1898.
In1898 Sultan Seyyid Hammoud ibn Mohammed , the sultan of Zanzibar was invited to inspect the work on the railway. He took the train from Mombasa up to the temporary railhead camp where the railway had so far reached. To commemorate the occasion , the camp was named Sultan Hamud. To date, the town retains this misspelt version of his name.
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It’s not Eid if Emali town choir be in it, dimwit!

Usichafue iddi na shirk wewe

Kilindini road,Mombasa near the tusks.Photo taken in 1971.
@Da Vinci cheki hio number plate

Kimathi Street,Nairobi.Photo taken in 1969.
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Holy Ghost Cathedral,Mombasa.Photo taken on July 1974.

Akuku Danger based in nyanza in kenya.Married his first wife in 1939 and his last in 1997 when he was 79. In total he had more than 100 wives,200 children&hundreds of grand,great grand children

i guess @gashwin win had a curly kit

Apparently, we had a very ugly flag before the black, red, green and white flag of today.

Honestly, if this was our flag after independence, we’d be total laughing stock now.

Mombasa - 1975

A Kenyan driving license in 1927

Kenya Bus Services Ad 1962
cheki hizo bei, round trip mombasa = 7 bob

Hehehe! Sisi tunapaita ‘Sulutani’ :rolleyes:

Weapon testing by the the 1st Battalion The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and Morans. The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers served twice in Kenya; from 1953-1955 and 1960-1963. During the former period, the battalion was flown to the colony at short notice during the Mau Mau uprising.
wapi @Jazzman

How we used to rock them days

Miss Kenya peagant donno them days

And the winner… The now Mrs. Madokha


Wah! KAZ. But the Peugeot was a beast.

Name this vehicle which once dominated our roads
kama unajua of one on sale hit my inbox

Bedford pepsi truck being loaded with empty bottles going to the bottlers for refilling.Photo taken in Mombasa in 1980.
Pepsi have made a comeback into the kenyan market

Reminds me of Eye in the sky

King’s African Rifles from East Africa with a maxim machine gun. World war 1. C. 1915.
@imei2012 tell us about the latest version of this gun and what it can do.
how many rounds dos it fire in a minute.