TBT - Hizi Vitu.

My first alcoholic drink was taken on the sly…and it was cheap. But an accommodating adult had to procure it for me. Alcohol was for adults - over 18s
These days five years olds can access alcohol. No questions asked. What a tragedy.

And remembering my introduction to Kalewa Circle reminded me that some time last year, @amun and I were locked up. For disturbing the peace,endangering lives and causing public mayhem. Coz of one @pseudonym Mutheu. Butshe had already bewitched a third party,a reluctant knight in shining armour @Meria Mata . But trust Meria to twist the story. He came out smelling of white roses.
Now I know why

The denials and or confirmations are heading this way. Fast and furious.

Hehehe the irony if this is, that first sachet may have introduced to your Investment pathway… I don’t trust people who live across the creek

Btw, this mus

must be our own Mutheu… hii mutu ni mirogi tu. @pseudonym njoo hapa

Mutheu kuja :D:D

Nitawaroga haiya!
Let me go for my little pot.

:D:D… True that. Why do I think unajua ile place ya wines n spirits ilikuwa inaitwa ‘Kwa Buda’ pale Tudor Mwisho

Been there… kisniper

Anonymity gone!


Hata ukiangalia cctv records huwesi tambua Mimi. I wore shoes that day so the telltale claws on my feet we not visaible to naked eyes brary mtu ya kukanyagwo ni fikifiki

pollucon :D:D:D:D

Mzee,I was referring to my anonimity… Daaaamn!

These things are responsible for messing alot of youth up in the late 90s onwards.
I’ve seen couple of friends and family buried due to alcohol related issues that started from these.