TBT End Yr Edition

Asanteni wadau for standing with me during a difficult time, kweli nilijua na nikatambua you are brothers and sisters from another mother. God bless you all.
Well TBT is back na kama kawa tuanze na midundo ya before @Okwonkwo was born




mory kante with yekeyeke hit song


Growing up in the outskirts of the city in the sun karibu kwa kina @principal this is the only brand of coffee that was availiable, to us it smelt heavenly although we had to use our metal sieves
wacha nichanuke nijue eti hii ata number 50 haiwes pata, ile yote msuli yauzwa inje tunapewa matigio

which bus did you ride in?
[ATTACH=full]147478[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]147479[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]147480[/ATTACH]
Tana river express used to rule the A109 in the early 90s

Nikipindi ipi wakumbuka ya our good old KBC

@introvert tunagojea yako

si mlikuwa majirani Wa EN kuria ungekuwa una steal berries unaenda kujisiagia,he he he

hii kiti inaitwa aje na kikwenu?

i remember that jovial old man, was too young to know how to brew my own coffee. btw his son used to come mungetho for tusker with a john deere tractor

@luther hii dawa mlipeleka wapi? used to love ENO though

First Kenyan to be on the cover of Der Spiegel Magazine, Jomo Kenyatta. He was on the cover of the 29th edition of the magazine in 1953 on 15th July 1953

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magari ya Mzee ndio haya, all nicely restored. i still maintain zipelekwe museum tulipishwe kuziona, @intovert pia apewe kazi ya kuzigurumisha na kuzitune kila morning naye senior driver @amun awe akipea raia maride na limo of thir choice

the gd old days when we had a working public bus service
only a few will understand

look what i found when i went upcountry.
kaa ulipata hii crate ya mbao mkono juu.

another gem from the village, the locks used to work na ustake jua who was the custodian of the key, yaani chapo zimefungiwa ndani and theres nothing you can do

more beasts from the A109
[ATTACH=full]147496[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]147497[/ATTACH]

nani alipata hii coin?

mambo ya drone tulianza kitambo na hii beetle athough tulikua tunaifunga mguu mmoja isimalasie
watoi wa siku hizi can never understand the fun we had flying this things, btw its been long since i saw a “kigigi” as its know in greek

hapo sasa, dual cassette deck high speed dubbing. on top of it the speakers were detachable

kahuwa ngoma

pesa nane