TBT Cartoon Network

Gone are the days when cartoons were the in thing when we were all kids. Kids nowadays will never understand how happy we felt when we were watching cartoons especially on Cartoon Network on NTV.

In my childhood I watched many cartoons I can literary remember almost all of them i.e

*Courage the Cowardly Dog
*Samurai Jack ( My favourite but was too violent for kids)
*The Cramp Twins
*Tom and Jerry
*Scooby doo
*Donald Duck
*Ben 10
*Fat Dog Mendoza
*Camp Lazlo
*My gym partner’s a monkey
*Megas X-L-R
*The Flintstones
*Johnny Bravo
*Kids Next Door
*The Powerpuff girls
*Ed, Edd and Eddy (was for nerds and jerks)
*Justice League
*Jackie chan
*Dexter’s Lab
*Cow and chicken
*Billy and Mandy


Nowadays cartoons are a thing of the past…RIP

Hakuna cartoon nilikuwa nachukia kama io courage the cowardly dog…I always skipped it.

Man I was a fan… Kwanza Sci fi based like Dexter’s Lab. I even deeply questioned myself how dex’s parents didn’t realize high electricity bills :smiley:

Spider man
The cow and chicken (their parent were half bodied human:D)

My favorites were Transformers, Ghost busters, Zorro and Road Runner…siku hizi they have a wider variety

It was spooky and kinda scary

Mimi nakumbuka Blinky bill.
Nilikuwa naionea KBC.
My dad alikataa kukunua aerial ya KTN.

Hey hey Blinky bill,
save us from that woodchip mill,
if you don`t do it,
no one will…

Gargoyles, Gummy bears, Dastardly and Muttley

So you’ve been a dummy from birth?

The panga puff girls.

nerd and proud…

tuko pamoya mbloh

They are ALL on YouTube some even streaming as LIVE channels. Add ‘Time Squad’ and the openings such as ‘What a cartoon’

The classic cartoons, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Simpsons, Dexter’s Lab were my favorite ones. One day, my nephew came to visit, and he was watching Rick and Morty. I must admit, we ended up watching it together, and it was pretty funny, and not dumb at all. On his birthday, I gave him a Rick and Morty custom cartoon portrait, and he was so happy. Now guess what, for Christmas, he gave me a Simpsons custom portrait, so now I have a nice illustration in my living room that reminds me of my beloved cartoons from when I was a kid.

Boss kama uliwatch fat dog wewe ni legend kabisa kabisa. Ukiona that lady Poly Esther with two heads WTF?! Hiyo cartoon was just a major bad trip ya ombitho

The house roof used to tip over for him to launch his rockets, and his parents were non the wiser about his “lab”

:D:D:D I remember very well…