TBT: Canibus a great lyricist..awesome OG!

I don’t how many of us listened to underground hits when Dre, Biggie, Snoop, Nas, Pac and the Ice-cubes of this world were banging with the instrumentals on the mainstream. At the same time great artist like immortal technique, Last Emperor, Mos Def, Keith Murray, KRS-1, Masta ace were entertaining us with true Hip Hop in the underground. It was hard to come across their albums and if you met a guy with their music you would be great friends immediately mnatembeleana tu ku-sample music na kuulizana ka “usha wahi feel huyu artist? ni mnoma” hehe. Leo as part of TBT I wanna talk about an artist I adored “canibus”…never went mainstream but Eminem mentioned him in his songs coz they had a beef e.g that song “what you say” by Dre and Eminem… Dre says “Feck Germain…whatever his name is” Canibus real name is Germain someone.

Anyway underground artist had very deep lyrics that would require you to study and read just to understand a single rhyme (at least nowadays you can google) :). So I used to discover something new in a song or understand a rhyme in a song six months or even years after lol!

So here are some of the songs by canibus

  1. PATRIOTS Canibus was a US marine so here is one of the songs that was closest to his previous career.


Best rhyme on this song for me comes from the lady on the second verse, stage name “Free” used to be a presenter on 106 and park.

“While you choke and suffocatin off your own testosterone
I’m known for breakin levels down to the values unknown
A specimen with extraterrestrial estrogen
Kick your intestines in, sell your testicles to Mexicans”

  1. RIP OFF


Best rhyme
Look at yourself, why you even listen to me?
Listen to yourself, your constantly dissin me
Grippin mics like Heinekens, who want me to rhyme again?
You could never expire the fire within
Killin me with a gun is easy, try a pen
For the use it was intended

  1. I’LL BUSS EM YOU PUNISH EM (ft rakim)


Best rhyme
My brain cavity is enormous
My left hemisphere alone harnesses all of the 7 sharveous
While the right one harnesses darkness
The type of dark that makes a house haunted
The type of dark that people get lost in
The type of dark you fear when you’re dead in your coffin
I hear you talkin’ but I ignore it
Cause you garbage and your rhymes borin’
So keep standin’ on the corner,
the thrash-man will collect you in the mornin’

  1. many more if you wanna listen to his albums there several on you tube

Enuf of TBTs …Priss

mtukufuuu malizia Hekaya kwanza


Ni jina GAY unapenda …kunguni wewe !!

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No … he said “Fuck Jermaine”, which was aimed at [SIZE=3] [/SIZE][SIZE=4]Jermaine Dupri aka JD. I think the beef was caused by JD’s comments, claiming that when it comes to Hip Hop producers, he is in the same league as Dr Dre and Timbaland[/SIZE]

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Gunia wewe!! Unaona hii section haikuwangi na post mingi but soon as talkers start posting you tell em to stop?

We want informative threads …hizi classicals pelekea Jomo Kenyatta

I actually thought so at first, can’t remember why I changed my thinking…yeah JD was a producer even before he went on form the so-so def label

enda wikipedia ngamia wewe

Elder mzima hujui ku-quote post??? join ngumbaro school. maka chieth

Brofist for Mos def & immortal

Though he made a big mistake going after LL Cool J.
LL killed him in 4,3,2,1 and Ripper Strikes Back

[FONT=Courier New]Mad rapper, but now you turned mad actor
Forty-nine pounds and tryin to be a monster
Run around town with the Bob Marley imposter
Ask Canibus, he ain’t understandin this
Cause ninety-nine percent of his fans, don’t exist
I’m goin underground and blowin your rep down
Next time, save that shit for the Lyricist’s Lounge

Or a House Party, where you can battle some clown
On top of all that, I beat your homeless ass down[/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New]

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Canibus is a mainstream reject pretending to be an underground artist. He was on that 4321 song with LL Cool J but LL caught feelings when Bus mentioned the tattoo on his arm and ended up dissing him on the same song. Since then Canibus has had a chip on his shoulder. When his first album didn’t do so well, he blamed Wyclef who produced it. That’s why he gets into beef with artist who are successful like eminem. Ni kiwaru tu… He’s a good rapper but he has too much ego and no success to back it up.

Funza mimi ndugu


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To which Jermaine should’ve been awarded a HOYA because Timbaland is a musical genius who changed how people look at music.

Lsbda alikuwa amevuta bangi mingi hiyo siku

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