Tax reprieve for nakuru boda boda operators

Boda boda operators in Nakuru
County are enjoying a tax relief after
the government reduced their
monthly parking fees by 20 percent.
In the last financial year, the
leadership increased the fees by a
huge margin, causing an uproar
among the motorcycle and bicycle
operators in the county.
Motorcyclists operating in Nakuru,
Naivasha and Molo will now pay
Sh100 less. Previously, they parted
with Sh500 a month to have a space
in Nakuru town, Sh300 to park either
in Naivasha or Molo.
At the same time the bicycle
operators in Nakuru town were
spared too. Their monthly charges
have been reduced to Sh100 from
Sh200 while those in other towns
will continue to pay Sh100 as
The charges, as outlined in the
Finance Act (2014), must however be
paid before 10th of each month to
avoid confiscation of the motorcycles
or the bicycles.