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So why do people invoke God when they spot you with a tattoo?

There is guy who did a crazy cyborg tattoo and his relaz are all in his case that its demonic and he will go straight to hell even quoting Leviticus as 'no man who has put a permanent mark on his body will enter the Lords kingdom. [ATTACH=full]8417[/ATTACH]

So is tattoos such an alien thing and more sore our forefathers did more crazy marks than this in the name of strength or beauty.

there you go…

that tattoo looks awful…

Because they(relatives) are ignorant and stuck in their ways. Learn and accept that and do whatever you want to do anyway(within reason).

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dude dnt comment on what you do not understand, but then again art is subjective…



One thing I detest with tattoos is they make the skin look ugly as one grows older. Halafu I heard somewhere mtu ana tatoo can not donate blood. Lakini, kila nyani na starehe zake.

Hakuna dame ako over 21 hajadinywa na wasee kadhaa so tattoo or no tattoo madem ni malaya


Kwanza dame mnono with flabby arms apate tattoo halafu alose weight, their skins looks terrible.

I conquer with relaz…he’s goin’ straight to HELL:(

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Umekuwa Shaka Zulu?

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Nani ashaiona hell?

Read somewhere tattooing is a point of contact for demonic initiation. Those that are spiritual understand what I mean.

Links please.

y’all not answering ma question, where is the correlation of a tattoo with hell…

Just like saggig jeans,tattoos are just fashion/style.

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Kama wewe sio Mkristo, hakuna connection.

@Cypher254 its in the same book of Leviticus thats also written to include any body piercing (ear and nose na sehemu zingine nyeti) is not allowed. In that case all women and a majority of men will still go to hell with or without the tattoos


I guess you must have heard that at the salon. ION, I understand after six months you can donate blood

I fancy tattoos en art in general I did mine back in 2008 en everyone was on my ass ati nimekua Illuminati bla bla bla to me its a sence of fashion/ style.kama ni kuenda hell there are other lots of sins that will drive me there leave alone a tattoo.God forbid
Mwambie aweke mass kwa Hio biceps sasa

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there is art and there is going overboard…