Something puzzles me. Why is it that women with tattoos always get the urge to wear clothes that reveal their tattoos? Wherever the tattoo is they always find clothes to show that part of the body.


What is’t for then, kama haionekani ?

Kunguru Iko na tattoo = moto ya kuotea mbali

Good question. But zingine ziko places zingine private.

Hata wewe ukiwa na haircut kali huezi vaa kofia

Na kukikuwa na baridi?

Common sense applies henceforth

Haven’t you heard women going for a hot date would freeze but shine …yaani its bitter cold but she will wear mini just to show her body

Tattoo dio SI unit of umalaya

Pigana na dry spell peke yako wacha kuharibia warembo sifa

madem ni wajinga , most men tukikuona na tattoo means wewe ni Malaya. But they never listen

same applies to men and women who lift weights…lazima uonyeshe muscles bana

bibi yako ako na tattoo ?

But you are very good at finding and Fucking them at Sabina Joy or Tibreka

I married 10years ago when these things were still alien

Only people who can’t afford tattoos have problems with tattoos

A chicken can reason better

Tattoos are very sexy especially ikiwa sehemu hazionekani kama kwa thighs

Stupid fetishes