Tattoo's & other Redflags

So, I met this beautiful mamacita, mali safi na roho safi hadi nikawacha kunyonga tumbili na nikawachana na makahaba. She’s 27yrs, provides for herself, hana mtoi, ni m smart sana ki akili.

Shida tu moja that I noticed ni ati ako na tattoos mob kwa mkono. I decided to let it slide. Then ikafika ku smash, I noticed the black line on her stomach (yenye hutoka kwa mukonyo to the pubics). Does that mean amewahi pata ball?

Another negative thing apart from the tattoos ni aki kasirika yeye huenda silent and she ghosts me. I heard from her friends that’s how she deals with anger. I suspect ni daddy issues coz her dad left akiwa mtoi but they’re still in contact.

Another thing I noticed is small small lies which are quickly covered up by excuses.

Oh, Na anavuta bangi sana like 3 blunts a day and she’s really a freak in bed. Other than that I’d say she’s a perfect partner.

Wana kijiji be honest with me, tell me is she worth it? Ama nimewekewa kamote. Nivumilie ama nirudishe kunguru kwa streets where she belongs.


As of now, you should be operating from the deep thickets of Congo Forest, This is a kunguru who is untamable. Since your level of stupidity appears to be top notch, we are seated on the bench waiting for your hekaya on how it ended with premium tears. Please keep us updated on the unfolding

Kama wewe pia unavuta bangi basi kaa Naye. Wajanja husema “You attract who you are”

Post wall chieth looking for a beta male


I appreciate your brutal honesty. I will act accordingly.

Bangi nilivuta 3weeks after campus nikaboeka

Sasa unajiona alpha male juu uko team singo?

Those are not red flags. Referee says ‘play on’.

You are right.Kama hana mtoi na ako na hio line ya black ina maanisha either ameshazaa mtoi akadedi ama akapelekea wazazi ama aka abort.Either way,kuna ndume ashamwaga ndani na akashika ball.If she makes you happy na unabambika then stay with her,but venye she is a ganja head smoking three blunts a day and she is aperennial liar,achana na yeye.Huyo si keeper.But chukua slices meanwhile.

Prepare your lacrimal glands for summus lacrimae in the near future.

Don’t expect any sound advice here when it comes to women except that everyone has hit the wall/ni hardcorekunguru/postwall/vanish to karura. Don’t ever expect talkers to encourage a relationship utangoja sana. The truth is you’re the only one who knows what you want no matter what advice anyone gives you here. Personally I notice a few things that stand out with her but nothing you can’t fix early on if you really want to. No human being is perfect everyone has flaws and relationships take work

As @JMMohaa has opined up there; you should relocate to the Congo basin.
You’ve mentioned a few flags but I’ll add more:
1- too much drugs moreso weed.
2-Daddy issues.
3-That ka line speaks volumes. Was talking to some elders kwa local and they were inspecting a certain Kunguru with that line and she agreed she had a kid in the village.
4-Youve done some investigation through friends and that ghosting character is simply competition. Why would a woman ghost you when it’s the other way round? The value is you and seems like you are beta male since you go chasing because she is ghosting.
5-Keep relationships to yourself. Roping in her friends is the beginning of chaos because these friends of hers will need your dick soon and brew all unnecessary headaches through her in your head.

6-whats the story behind the tattoos? I’ll go first: she had a crackhead boyfriend around campus time who introduced her to these as well as the weed. I’ll not be surprised that this crackhead is still in the picture behind the scenes. The ghosting is because she is in her hideout with this guy who takes slices on demand and she runs there without a blink and on demand.

With that said, tupe hekaya in a few weeks on what escapades arose.

What I’d advise, just bang if the pussy is good. Don’t attach feelings. Define the relationship in that format to her and dictate the route otherwise no wife material here.

Ungependa dem anakasirika anavunja vikombe or what? And when you ask " Is she worth it", are you referring to marriage, LTR or STR?

Best advice. Shukran.

Truth bana

Too much wisdom it will take me a while to digest. Nashukuru man

I’d like one that is mature enough to communicate. Extreme ya kuvunja vitu au kunyamzia mtu it’s all the same thing. Their intention is to punish you instead of being decent enough to communicate.

Hahah machosss

Msee, all chiqs wanafuranga wananyamazia mtu.

Lies. Tattoos, ghosting. Her Father left her young. Hizo ni redflags mingi sana lakini inakaa this Platform will never change some of you guys.