TATA trucks

Wadau I want to buy a TATA truck (used) for construction business anybody with any experience with this trucks ? what are some of the hidden land mines to look out for , what challenges have you faced ?

Its cheap but ikianza shida you will start inviting your mechanic in all your family occasions since he will become your closest friend.

recommendations ?

If you are loaded go for Mitsubishi, spares readily available and if well taken care of it will give you a good service

Specify the model please ?

here a few pointers that quickly come to mind…

  1. whats your plan after you purchase the truck? do you have jobs lined up or you have fallen for the common broker line of “kazi ziko mingi itakuwa inakuletea 20k per day”?
  2. are you purchasing it cash or ni ya loan? kama ni loan i’ll talk about violent bowel movements later
  3. have your mechanic thoroughly check it for issues especially from the engine. confirm that the block has never been opened.
  4. as you prepare to get into this business, prepare yourself mentally. utasumbuliwa na dereva, brokers, akina pamba, weighbridge staff heck ata mchina atakusumbua na pesa. and yes, when desperate you will find yourself working for mchina for peanuts ferrying huge boulders that will ruin your truck in a month or two tops :D:D
  5. always have cash readily available at short notice for the numerous breakdowns and issues…mara spring imekata, mara miguu, mara fanbelt, mara centre bolt, mara pump… agrrrr. worse is when you come across the weighbridge fellas…pesa itaenda faster than miguna’s deportation.
  6. lastly invest in a lot of tissue…juu utahara kila siku without fail every time you see a call from your driver…

the rest can add to this…

Have some experience na Actros , definitely not a loan but willing to take the plunge !

if you are not a novice then go for it.

Number 4 to 6 zinaogopesha sana. Nikiona hizo Tata struggling with a load even on a level road nahurumia mwenyewe


:D:D:D true. but ukipata waks poa haina stress utakuwa unacheka peke yako kaa chizi end month juu ya doe kuwa mingi.

surely bro. ama FH za huko saudi zinakaa tata? :eek:

Absolutely correct, one Lady took a loan and bought one. 4.5m, she was to install 20k weekly to repay.,
The story above used to happen daily hadi akaiuza hasara

No i used to work with one while we had one tata and ashok Leyland.
Ata wakuuzia tata alikuwa amekosekana

Thought FH is max 10 tonne haitaweza hio kazi

Don’t go for a second hand Tata. Spares are not cheap.


In short it’s a bad idea

People are making serious money out of it, you either take calculated risks or live poor with the cowards, it’s not the critic that counts…

Like I said earlier, if you get a good job for it you will smile all the way to the bank. If not…