Targeting Australia’s largest neo-Nazi group


Australian neo-nazi bonobos in their natural element.

Iv watched all of it …lakini mzito…isn’t this the same group that are affiliated with Mzito Trump? " There are good people on both sides" …

As a black conservative you will be in trouble if you come across these skinheads. Your blackness will preceed your values…

I do not know if Trump was directly involved with this specific neo nazi group.
Personally I believe white far-right and far-left members wanadharau nyeusi. Far-right mzungu atakuonyesha live he hates you while far-left mzungu will pretend to like and respect you while in the background he is busy undermining the nyeusi.

I am liberal in Kenyan terms not conservative like Americans. Currently even you will be considered conservative by liberal whites because there many things they support you don’t.