Tanzanians are Dying En-mass like Roaches Coz of Covid-19

Who is to blame when we have worked so hard to educate pro-bono! Magufuli is concealing evidence!

Are you confusing DEATHS with INFECTED PERSONS?

Wapi effidense ya en-masse ?

Nope…they are dying!

People will come to understand that coronavirus humbles all leadership arrogance, religious ignorance, political affiliations and ujinga tu ya kawaida.

Kenya has done well, Uganda has done well…Magufuli has his wet butt out with a head hidden deep in sand! He is in denial! Yes, they need help!


Let’s not gloat when our neighbors are suffering. If your neighbor is in trouble so are you.

Tanzania is a member of East African Community. These communities are near homogeneous when viewed within the global context. What explanation would we have for Tanzania’s zero social/physical distancing as a way of thwarting Covid-19? There is no logical explanation for the route Magufuli chose! Yes, they are dying in villages, roadsides…and they are not being tested. Tanzania just acquired a few mobile test labs! Oh they got four rickety cruisers as test labs! Just wait for the news! Their overall preparedness for Covid-19 is laughable! Yes, I saw their doctors cry in desperation. I saw dead bodies!

Leta rink other than worldometer

Are for real or just making things up.They might be lazy,weak and backward but we don’t wish they suffer.Remember on our end we’ve not closed the borders.They will come running her hence spread the virus further

wangapi wamekufa ?

Let evidence. Why do I get the feeling that Western media will try to over-exaggerate corona deaths in Africa.

Before even corona hit Africa, they were saying we will die by the millions.

I’ve also noticed that there is a lot of fake news spreading around especially from the U.S. Now is the time to fact-check everything and don’t believe everything you read in the internet.

Tanzania isn’t the only country in the world that didn’t go into lockdown. Even Norway didn’t maintain social distance and it has only 161 corona related deaths.

C’mon, Magafuli might be a stupid irrational president but saying Tanzanians are dying like roaches in the streets without concrete evidence on the roadside is propaganda.

Our lab is pretty small but we override WHO,CDC etc , yes, we are real big in output! We projected that US/UK will bear the brunt of Covid-19 deaths. We have advised on all modes of transmission and prevention strategies. That has come to pass. We offer advice, and allow those who disregard the advice to see the evidence in themselves! We are pro-bono…or for free!

Another month of curfew and controlled movement and Magufuli will seem like a genius

You are right. But remember most of the news you get is from the US. And mostly about the US . The capital of the free world. Think about it. When is the last time u heard about the U.K. Or Canada? Was Boris Johnson released? For me personally I see a report, I then check it against 2 -3 websites. Sometimes the media “pad” their websites with articles. Yahoo is notorious for this. You never know who wrote those articles. Yaani people can be dying and Fox News is reporting about Presidential debate preparation.

Wahenga walisema ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa zako tia maji.

Ni hao hawakutia chao maji au ni sisi tutie chetu maji by closing our borders


Quarantine facility ziko ready.

Give us a link or your sources motherFcker… stop yapping here with no evidence?? people are dying in villages and no wind of that on western Media? c’mon. You as well know if this was the case CCN and the like would be wetting their pants with such a ‘juicy’ headlines