Tanzania Will Never Catch Up With Kenya In Our Lifetime

I was in Tz for well over a week and my title sums up everything. I had been to Tz many times before but mostly to the cities. This time I went even to the rural parts. I thought Magufool had done a lot and that the mega projects they posted online reflected the real situation on the ground. Some talkers were starting to get worried about our southern neighbour as well. Well, they are just using positive PR kama ile ya Gafana Alfred Moo Tour.

I was in Mwanza, the 2nd largest city, there was power rationing during the day daily. In fact, there is an on-going national water and power rationing affecting even Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Samia confirmed this on national media. Kisumu dwarfs Mwanza by a very big margin. Though its CBD is bigger than Nakuru’s, most estates in Mwanza are like village settlements. Houses have no water and sewer connections. Most estate roads are not tarmacked. There are no basic services like supermarkets, cyber services, laundry shops, etc. As per Tz standards, the likes of Naivasha, Meru, Kericho would qualify to be cities.

Another thing I observed, Kenya’s GDP must be at least 2 times larger than Tz’s. GDP measures the monetary value of finished goods and services in a country in USD. Now, most products are way cheaper compared to Kenya (a kilo of meat is Tsh. 7000 (Ksh. 350) in Mwanza compared to Ksh. 600 in Kenya. Cereals like rice retail at half the price we are accustomed to). You might be tempted to think that the cheaper cost of goods and services has a positive bearing on the average consumer but it does not. Tanzanians earn way less than Kenyans for the same job/service. So, their spending power is very weak.

To be honest, Tz in 2021 is like Kenya in 2001.

So in short Kenya will be the tallest dwarf in the region for the next 50 years or so.

Very truthful analysis

You can’t trust news from any country that censors its media. They can pick and amplify whatever makes them look good. Shithole Ethiopia is a prime example. Tulichochwa sana na hizo mega projects zao but now we see what a proper shithole it is. The same is true for TZ. In Kenya we expose everything, both good and bad. Because the bad tends to be more sensational, it looks like we’re doing worse overall than our neighbours.

I’ve discovered that the level of internet penetration is a crude but good determinant of economic development. Ukiingia places kama Tagged/FB/Xvideos/Tinder, unapata Kenyans are overwhelmingly represented compared to kina Uganda/Tanzania/Rwanda etc. These countries still have a long way to go buana, ata kama sisi pia hatuko perfect.


Kenya is a developed country unlike our neighbouring shitholes. Go to the rural areas in places like Nyeri, Kiambu, Nakuru and you will find that people have good houses, tapped water, good roads, sufficient food, schools, internet etc. Tena you can’t go for more than 50km without coming across a town or an urban centre. We are way far ahead of these shitholes around us.

There is a reason why their beggars are all over town. There is a reason why prostitutes from Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda are all over Ngong Road. Sudanese generals are sinking their billions in Kenya. Somali warlords have invested heavily in Kenya too. Most of the elite in neighboring countries have economic interests in Kenya. Wakichafua kwao wanaficha pesa huku. Especially S.Sudanese and Somalis.

Don’t get me wrong, we are still a proper sh.it-hole. But I have never met anyone wishing to leave Kenya for another East African country. Those that do so, do it for work and then return to Kenya.

There is a reason why Diamond is successful. 90% of views he enjoys on Youtube comes from Kenyans. I assure you that. If you don’t believe me, check out other nation’s biggest artists and see their YouTube views. Am talking Africa.

kuna kitu inaitwa purchasing power parity (PPP), which adjusts for low cost of living and low income when comparing countries, your last paragraph makes it sound like you don’t know about this… Kenya could be ahead in GDP but the gap closes with GDP - PPP

kuna some rural area border ya isbenia where you will find some of the largest marijuana plantations in east africa

but can Kenya ever catch up with South Africa though niliskia pia SA stima ni shida

Sisi kamati ya kusalimiana ni thread ni umeffi tupu kama hakuna reviews za vienji wa kutoka tanga,Dar,moshi,arusha. With thermal evidence. This thread deserved to be nominated for thread of the year. Anyway its a worked up research. Keep it up.

This is what we should be talking about. Kenya being the 3rd largest Sub-Saharan economy behind NG and ZA, we should be be focusing on closing the gap with SA and not worrying about someone barely hanging on the tail end of that list.

Nigeria has very low HDI,Human Development Index compared to Kenya and even other African countries,the GDP is boosted by oil wealth which is looted properly and concentrated in the hands of very few people, the average Nigerian house has no consistent water and electricity,poor healthcare -the average Kenyan child that is born has a 60% more chance of survival than an average Nigerian child.So the countries we should be looking at are Egypt,Algeria,South Africa,Mauritius,Cape Verde,Morocco etc

Bhangi is not criminalised in TZ. Miraa is even more abhorred than bhangi there

Ukitaka kuwa number 1 you do not look at people behind you. Ukizuba na hao wako nyuma hauendi mahali.
Sisi wakenya tunafa kuangali countries like SA na kutarget kuwapita.

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Very true. I just arrived in the country and I am very much impressed by how things are going since I left them.

South Africa iko mbele zaidi bana. We would take around 15 - 20 years to catch up with them fully. Places like Sandton, Melrose, Melville na Norwood unaeza dhani uko Western Europe. Very organized, clean, rich and affluent. Walai nipate pesa naenda Sandton. Iko na everything a tier 2 city in UK/US have/has. Plus there are a lot of whites too.

Meat is 480 Kshs per Kg huku kwetu, but I agree TZ is still a backward country, but they have made tremendous steps since 98 when I first went there to visit my maternal aunt with a 20 litres of paraffin.