Tanzania under fire


Tanzania went against multinationals but forcing them to pay higher taxes and royalties on the minerals they mine there. This rubbed off billionaires of this world the wrong way. Since then TZ is seen as a pariah state

Wazungu walinyimwa TENDER, wakaambiwa walipe USHURU
Tanzania is not like kenya, where the president is an asset for the CIA

i wish african countries would stand with tz and did what they did to foreign multi nationals …it’s not like they’ll ban us all

It is a man eat man society, where your neighbours celebrate and take advantage of your fall. TZ itself does not wish us well either. If there was someone who deserved protection from african countries was Gaddafi but they did not care.

Paul Makonda is the de facto VP in Tanzania mtu wa mkono wa Magufuli .When opposition leader Tundu Lissu was shot in Dodoma he was at the scene in 5 minutes despite him being RC of Dar kilometers away.When police raided Clouds Tv he was the one leading the raid .He ordered the arrest of Comedian Idris Sultan for using Magufuli’s portait in a tweet.Yeye ndiye Total Man bongo

Mumbi Seraki ndiyo alikuambia hivi ama ni tareeq nasheed?

Tz has been under full dictatorship under megafools. All institutions are fully under him. Judiciary, parliament, executive, elections board, media, military and every other body in Tz. What he wants this elections is confirmation of absolute power by 100% in Tz. Then he can amend constitution to be President for life. No one can stop him. They tried but failed. The next election is also a sham even the opposition knows this. Its already predetermined.

You conveniently left out the part about the government cracking down on journalists because that would get in the way of your narrative. A number of newspapers and radio stations have been suspended and some journalists have faced violent attacks. Some have even disappeared completely

What’s in the US that the RC would want?


Ati news and “intelligence” humfikia faster hapo Rumuruti kuliko walio Nairobi.

Mbwa wewe. Leta jubilee development tuone.

Niaje mwizi sugu. Jana usiku umeibia wakenya wangapi? :smiley:

Let’s think of this kidogo. How many nations in Africa do worse to their journalists and have not been blacklisted? At the top of my mind is Cameroon. Burundi is not journalist’s paradise. DRC is not journalist’s paradise. Yet they are not blacklisted.
If you compare Tanzania to other nations in terms of democracy and human rights you will observe that Tanzania is still very advanced.
That leads me to believe there is something more than the freedom and democracy

Kenya is under a democratically elected peace loving incompetent drunkard, ass kissing the west!! How far has that taken is??

That human rights violation angle they are using is because of paul makonda’s stand on gay rights