Tanzania: SGR Progress (Tanzania is the better place to live)

Tanzania SGR is coming.


Hapo sawa Mtanzania

Iko, mturuki pia ana represent.

Well, Good luck.

Nice work


They will need it more than the funding

How can Tanzania be the place to live when more than 50% of the population is illiterate?
I was in a high end club around Oyster Bay, met some very very pretty chic, started talking with her over drinks. We talked for about an hour, but the ignorance that their education system has instilled in them is strange. I wounder what they teach the folks in school. The bitch didnt know where Addis Ababa is. She only knows Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, and no other place…i was so shocked

Hapa ni SGR tunaongelea, story zingine ni irrelevant. Unaonaje hii SGR ya jirani?

Mturuki atafanya kazi mzuri kuliko wala umbwa, waChinku ni meffi

I was there last month, it looks a war zone. The contractor isnt on the ground, looks like he left ages ago. The sites look abandoned and appears that work stopped ages ago.

:smiley: Mturuki hapeani deni…mkipata pesa anarudi anatumia hizo zikiisha anaenda mjipange tena

hahahahaa…ndio maana hii SGR itaisha 2050

[SIZE=1]tulikua tuna troll hii fala. look at Gashwin’s post hapo juu[/SIZE], Lakini yaliyo ndwele sapite

You would probably get the same response from a random girl in kenyan club.

Why did they place the tracks in a trench? The wind will blow all kinds of debris to the tracks and the heavy rains can also turn it into a river. Engineers hebu help me with an explanation

@T255 development sio SGR wala mabarabara pekee. The most importance resource for a country is the human resource. Even as you develop your infrastructure, your government must remember to invest in education.

So!! Do you think we are not inventing in education!?

Wa TZ you know I’ll be honest with you coz I love you guys. Ukweli ni ya kwamba, hamjasoma! Compared to us, mko chini tu sana na elimu. Even your diaspora representation in academia is pathetic. Long term, this will be your Achilles heel as a country. So even if you’re building fancy roads and railways; still, it will take decades for your citizens to catch up with Kenyans.

Hahaha!!! This is the problem with many Kenyans. Do you think TZ trying to catchup with Kenya!? We have our own education system.
What exactly are you talking about!?
Kitu umeandika shows jinsi wakenya mlivyo stupid.
Let start with this:
TANZANIA to become a hub of high-tech cardiovascular treatment in East Africa