Tanzania is the Most Peaceful Nation in East Africa - Report


According to the recently released 2017 Global Peace Index Report Tanzania is most peaceful and calm nation in East Africa, it ranks number nine on the continent and number 54 in the global rankings. The report also reveals that Tanzania has less weapons imports, low levels of violent crime and a decline in external conflicts fought.

According to the annual global ranking, Tanzania has climbed up by three places in the index, amassing 1.876 points. According to the Index, Tanzania has lesser weapons imports, low level of violent crimes, homicide rates, political terror scale and decline in external conflicts fought.


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They are so peaceful that when their politicians steal, they turn the other cheek

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Well that’s a well known fact that Tanzania is he most peaceful in the region. I hope one day the whole of Africa can be as peaceful as this.

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Nyerere did good things sorting out the ethnic tensions, but he set the country back with Socialism and collectivist mentality.

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That’s a big lie, Tanzania is not the most peaceful country in Africa, the most peaceful country in Africa is the tiny Djibouti, you guys eat albinos children.

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I don’t know if you understand the meaning of peaceful but Djibouti is the most politically stable country in Africa, It doesn’t have any separatist movements, drug traffickers, drug addicted people, criminals, street mobs etc.

It’s a very peaceful country.

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