Tall brown puzzle

The tall brown lady has been the centre of attraction for almost half a century now. Tall and brown,for men is the equivalent of Dark and muscular for women. Now I’m not saying that other people look bad. It’s just that the tall brown effect puts the normies in a box of tension.
Have you ever seen a tall brown lady walk in to a restaurant, or mall? It’s like her aura affects even the most basic processes. Brains and phones hang simultaneously, woe unto you if your normie girlfriend is watching while you gulp loudly inthe aisle in a fit of animalistic lust.
The worst case is the beta males, who turn into fake alphas, following the lady as she shops, hoping for one of her long legs to drop so they can fight over it to prove their manhood.
I have been victim to such selfish drives, often knocking myself about it when the lady is gone… till another one walks in

I know one. She caused a guy go straight to inda. To replace the front bumper. Luckily,he had driven straight into a pole.


Can’t relate. I like dark women. I know its weird but that’s just me.


Chocolate women any time.



Yellow yellow lazima

So men should be dark and short. What about Obama? I dont get this stereotype. There are some short dark chics who are sexy like hell.


Huuuuuuuge legs, naturally light skin, Ogaden somali and heavy

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Team dark skin

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Hope your misguided comments aren’t about my photo.

You saw huuuuuge legs, somali and light skin in that photo?

Could you by any chance be suffering from cataracts?

I wear glasses, and i have them on.

Time you visited your ophthalmologist for a change of lenses, an upgrade or even laser surgery.

You are shiny eyed; mashakura, toothpick legs …your standards are low. We cant compare an Arab with you

A skinny Cushite with messy untidy hair you mean?

Seriously @Mathaais , you seriously want to compare a kenyan somali with a kenyan of kikuyu origin? We came into this country via the north. And before that, from the arab world

Wacha nicheke tu:D:D:D:D
You are impossible.

No! It’s not weird at all!